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Weibang WB506SCV-3IN1 PRO 20” Self-Propelled Lawnmower


The WB506SCV3IN1 PRO lawnmower is a popular choice for both domestic and professional users. This is a professional grade lawnmower at a very competitive price. Designed for medium to large lawns from 1000-3000m² and powered by a 166cc Loncin engine this mower is built to last.

Weibang WB506SCV3IN1 PRO Heavy Duty Lawnmower

Professional Build

The WB506SCV-3IN1 PRO sports a front bumper to protect the cutting deck, a professional grade variable speed gearbox and pro-grade stainless steel cables. The variable speed gearbox allows the user to set the wheel drive speed from the handlebars and is useful when working on lawns with different terrains or mowing conditions.

3 Different Cutting Options

With a 20” high quality steel cutting deck this mower offers 3 different types of cutting options:

  1. Grass clippings can be collected in the 65 litre grassbag. As with all Weibang mowers the grass collector bag features an integrated air-flow fabric which ensures that the grass bag is filled to maximum capacity in all conditions and which indicates when the collector is full.
  2. Longer grass clippings can be deposited onto the lawn out a side deflector chute accessory that is included with this model.
  3. Using the included mulch plug short grass clippings can be mulched up into tiny pieces and deposited into the lawn to quickly break down into a natural fertiliser.
Weibang WB506SCV3IN1 PRO Lawnmower
Weibang WB506SCV3IN1 PRO Walk-Behind Lawnmower

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Featuring a centralised single lever cutting height adjuster and ergonomic, heavy duty folding handlebars for maximum comfort and convenience this mower ticks all the boxes and proves to be fantastic value for money.


Engine: 166cc Loncin Engine
Cutting Width: 20″/ 50cm
Cutting Height: 8 cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm
Deck Material: Steel
Propulsion: Self-Propelled, Variable Speeds
Collection Bag: 65L grass collection bag
Included Accessories: Front bumper, mulch and side deflector attachments included
WB506SCV-3IN1PRO Lawnmower

Weibang WB506SCV-3IN1 PRO 20” Self-Propelled Lawnmower



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