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Husqvarna Automower® 450X

(1 customer review)


Top of the range model in the X-line series from the world leaders in robotic mowing. Smart enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns – like multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up to 45%. GPS-assisted navigation and a host of features including Automower® Connect make it the intelligent way to keep your lawn green, healthy and perfectly mowed. Remote Object Detection enables higher mowing speed and area capacity. The Automower® Connect app keeps you in control: track, interact and stay updated at the touch of a screen, wherever you are in the world.

Automower® Connect

Automower® Connect gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. You can easily send start, stop and park commands, check and adjust settings. If required also receive alarms and track your mower’s position in case of theft – wherever you are.

10 years mobile data contract included. Standard on X-line, optional for all 300-400 series.

LED Headlights

Energy-efficient LED headlights for better visibility and control even in the dark. The lights will also start flashing if a malfunction occurs.

GPS-Assisted Navigation

An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.

Superior Interaction

All Automower® Connect equipped robotic mowers are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This means all you need to do is give your smart speaker a voice command, and Husqvarna Automower® will jump to the task. You can execute the most common commands such as start, stop, park and get status updates from your mower by simply asking your voice assistant.


Working area capacity 5000 m² ±20%
Charging system Automatic
Maximum incline within the working area 24 °


Typical mow time on one charge 270 min
Typical charging time 60 min

Sound and Noise

Sound level guaranteed 59 dB (A)

Cutting Deck

Cutting system 3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting width 24 cm
Cutting height (min-max) 20-60 mm


Keypad 19 buttons
Information Panel Large LCD display
Timer Yes
Alarm High
PIN code Yes
Installation lock Yes
Time lock Yes
Remote text message Yes
GPS Theft tracking Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilt sensor Yes
Ultrasonic sensor Yes
Handle type Integrated
Extra blades 9 pcs
Loop wire 0 m
Staples 0 pcs

Husqvarna Automower® 450X


1 review for Husqvarna Automower® 450X

  1. Tom Connolly

    After 1 full year of ownership I simply have to give this a 5 star review, both the product itself and to JW Tools for their advice and assistance from the start in getting us setup.

    They were able to recommend the best mower for us based on our garden layout and size and guide us all the way. They did the full installation of the mower with it’s boundary wire, mower housing, everything to get us up and running.

    It’s really satisfying to sit out on a sunny day and watch the mower go about it’s business and it leaves a really high quality finish to the lawn. Based on the grass growth, it will cut more or less often and with the phone app I can see where it is at any time of day, schedule it’s run time or put it to bed of a rainy day. We have small kids and they love to see it running around, it’s super safe from that aspect also, will turn itself off and set an alarm if tilted. The blades are well set back, small and retract if they hit anything harder than a blade of grass so great peace of mind from that aspect.

    With our old mower I was constantly weather watching, and it was always on the day that you wanted to mow that you would discover the petrol can was empty. None of the hassle, altogether we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.

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