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Husqvarna R214TC Rider


The Husqvarna R 214TC front deck rider mower is a flexible and powerful rider with a high-torque twin-cylinder engine and a 94cm Combi cutting deck, offering first-class BioClip® mulching and rear ejection cutting. This type of mower is so popular with home- and land-owners due to its ease of use, superior manoeuvrability and ability to get the grass cut in a highly efficient manner.

The stand-out features of a rider mower such as the R 214TC is the front-mounted cutting deck, the mulching function and the unique articulated steering.

FRONT MOUNTED CUTTING DECK Husqvarna R214TC rider accessibility corners under bushes and park benches


The front-mounted cutting deck offers excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes and park benches. With the rear-mounted engine located behind the driver, you get a better view of the mowing area whilst also enjoying less noise and emissions from the engine.


The Husqvarna R214TC rider mower is fitted with a 94cm / 37” combi cutting deck that offers the versatility of two different cutting systems. Choose BioClip® (mulching) for a fantastic cutting result on frequently cut areas. The grass is cut into fine pieces that are dropped back onto the lawn and quickly turn into fertiliser for the lawn. Rear ejection of cut grass is also an option for efficient mowing on areas with higher and rougher grass. Automatic blade engagement.

A very handy feature of the R214TC is the automatic engagement of the blades when you lower the cutting deck and the cutting height lever is easy to reach from the driver’s seat, making it possible to change the cutting height while mowing.

TWO CUTTING SYSTEMS Husqvarna R214TC rider BioClip mulch kit Galway
SUPERIOR MANOEUVRABILITY Huqvarna R214TC Rider tight turning radius


This Husqvarna front rider has a unique articulated steering system that allows the rear wheels to swing in underneath the machine making this mower extremely manoeuvrable with a minimum turning radius at full lock allowing the driver to cut right around the base of a tree or shrub. The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission on this mower allows the speed and direction to be easily and controlled by 2 foot pedals, one for forward speeds and one for reverse speeds.


With a Husqvarna Rider you get safety, stability and traction on both flat grounds and hillsides. The R 214TC Rider’s low centre of gravity contributes gives the mower excellent traction as well as a comfortable ‘sit-in’ feeling for the user. The rear axle is pivoting to get maximum traction on the drive wheels and a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. Four large 16-inch wheels provide optimal riding comfort, great accessibility and less risk of damaging delicate surfaces.

COMFORT AND STABILITY Husqvarna R214TC Rider pivoting rear axle
EASY TO USE Husqvarna R214TC Rider service position


Some other features that make this rider simple to use include the automatic choke, just turn the key and go, controls that are easily accessible and comfortable to use and the service position on the cutting deck that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. A handy hour meter allows the user to keep track of usage and when service is due.
A range of front- and rear-mounted accessories including a broom, moss rake, aerator and trailer make this rider exceptionally versatile all year round.


Engine: 656cc V-Twin
Cutting Width: 37″ / 94cm
Transmission: Hydrostatic drive, foot pedal
Cutting Heights: 10 from 20mm – 75mm
Grassbox Volume: No box
Tyre Size (inches): Front: 16x 6.5 – 8
Rear: 16x 6.5 – 8
Dimensions (LxWxH): 223cm x 100cm x 107cm
Included Accessories: Tow hitch & BioClip® mulch plug included
Husqvarna R214TC Rider Galway

Husqvarna R214TC Rider



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